A zero-risk approach to avoid IR35 issues

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Posted 18th December 2019, By Bruce M

A zero-risk approach to avoid IR35 issues

IR35 is changing on 6 April 2020

Are you responsible for employing contractors in a medium to large company in the UK?

If yes then:

  • You will need to determine the employment status of your contractors.
  • You will experience pressure from contractors to agree to an “IR35 friendly” contract (so that they can avoid Income Tax and National Insurance).
  • Your company will not want to be liable for large costs or penalties that result from an incorrect employment status determination.

This is a big issue for many businesses. We are seeing already that some companies are getting rid of their contractors.

How ITDev can help

At ITDev, we provide a zero-risk alternative to using contractors on engineering projects. We offer technology consultancy and design services that are provided by our internal engineering teams. Our engineers are permanent staff on our payroll and IR35 does not apply. Using ITDev, you can supplement your permanent engineering team with extra effort when needed, without any issues around IR35, and we have the capacity to take on large projects.

There are many other benefits to outsourcing instead of employing contractors. For example:

  • ITDev will provide support for a project long after a contractor would have left.
  • ITDev has a large multidisciplinary team so we can tap into the expertise of the full team rather than relying on the knowledge of a few contractors.
  • ITDev offers a fully managed service, so your time is freed from managing and supervising contractors.

The blog ​Hire A Contractor Or Outsource? Make Sure You Get Value provides further information on the considerations of using contractors or outsourcing.

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If you're interested in finding out how ITDev could support your business with these changes, drop us an email or call us for an informal chat on 023 8098 8890.


Managing Director

BSc - Computer Science, University of Southampton - CEng MBCS CITP

I founded ITDev in 2000 to bring a fresh, values based approach to engineering. I was heavily involved in software engineering consultancy during ITDev's early years. Nowadays, I rarely get involved at a technical level, instead spending my time working on strategic business activities and supporting the business and staff where needed. I love empowering staff to drive the company forward and seeing us build long-term relationships with clients to support their growth.

Before ITDev, I was the software manager at Rural Radio Systems Ltd. I was responsible for the development of an innovative digital wireless telephone system. The sub-systems included embedded software, firmware, network management software, automated test equipment and system test software. I also managed a team of engineers from Marconi Communications Ltd who collaborated on the project.

I graduated in Computer Science from the University of Southampton in 1991. I am a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered IT Professional and a member of the British Computer Society (BCS).

When I am not working, I love nothing more than being outside with my young family. Living in the New Forest, I can often be found exploring the forest and its wildlife, on foot or by mountain bike.

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