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Keeping abreast of ever-changing technology is challengingTechnology Consultancy

We are all dealing with increasing levels of complexity:

  • Could you benefit from advice on technology options, system approach and/or design choices?
  • Do you need to prove viability of your idea?
    • Would a proof of concept provide the evidence to get funding approval?
  • Are you interested in learning about engineering 'better practices'*?
    • Is your engineering team following design best practices and processes?


If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above, or feel you would benefit from an independent review we can help.

Through 20 years of trading and with a wealth of industry experience gained from over 300 projects and engagements, we help our clients achieve their goals.


All our solutions are designed to make the most of technology for your business and to give you competitive advantage.

For a free no-obligation discussion, contact us today. We'd love to hear from you.

*Better practices - We've all heard about "best practices" - but if you're looking to continually improve you should constantly be striving towards better practices. At ITDev we're very aware that we can constantly improve hence our preference towards "better practices".

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This blog contains the final steps for adding the minimal IP to send the necessary SYSMON data to the System Controller for controlling the fan on the AMD ...more
VPK120 development board pictured wearing ear defenders
Posted 25th May 2023, By Aysa D
Whilst developing on an AMD Versal VPK120 you will want to control the fan speed to keep the noise at manageable levels. This guide captures the steps taken to ...more
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30th June and it's Matthew's 2 year anniversary of joining as a full-time member of staff. Matthew spent 2 summers working for us as an intern before joining ...more

Latest News

Posted 12th September 2023
ITDev is proud to announce the launch of a new FPGA video IP core. The core allows integrators to quickly and easily add high-quality colour space conversion ...more
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Posted 3rd March 2023
We welcome David back from Australia and review some of the actvities we've been engaged with in February 2023.
Posted 9th August 2022
Last month we attended the second TechNES FPGA Frontrunners event, here's our write up from the day ...
Posted 28th July 2022
Here's a short report on our attendance at the ECS Taster week Careers Fair On Tues 26th July. A chance to promote industrial opportunties to year 11 students ...more