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News posted 29th January 2021
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As part of our strategy to keep industry peers updated and informed, both on project progress and technical content, we will be summarising our activities in regular updates.

Here’s a first round-up of our latest client engagements:

  • continuing our collaboration with a 5G IP developer, we successfully delivered another two projects for them last month. The client was very satisfied with our delivery and had this to say: 
    'ITDev had a very good understanding of our needs. They executed the project well and the delivery has become a reference for our implementation work now.'
  • towards the end of last year we were approached by a company looking for some technology consultancy. They wished to develop a next generation product but were unsure what the best approach was. We won a contract to run a study project to generate the detailed project requirements and a quotation for implementation. 
  • given the high level of expertise in video, we were ideally placed to carry out some technology consultancy on video algorithm implementation for a client which produces trace gas analysers. Our work included performance profiling and assessing acceleration options including FPGA, GPU and CPU.
  • another client, involved in safety critical systems, needed support with one of their products. We carried out a debug exercise and then implemented fixes for ECC on a NAND flash driver.
  • a long-standing customer in the broadcast market required us to work on the implementation of key control as part of a BISS-CA encryption system including key generation, cycling of keys and generation of entitlement messages for downstream devices. This was successfully completed and delivered.
  • further work came through an industrial IoT client. For this project, we worked on their second-generation product, providing system architectural consultancy and PCB design with associated software for a control board.
  • finally, we were delighted to renew a long term contract with another broadcast equipment provider based in the US. The project requires experience in implementation of video compression algorithms. The work involves a mix of both hardware and software engineering to support their product development.

Our latest technical blog is from Tom: 

  • Following an engagement with an ASIC design client, Tom captured a blog on our verification strategy, with a highlight of how to achieve high test coverage when under tight time pressures.

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