Continuous Integration Workshop - March 2019

Call: +44 (0)23 8098 8890

Start date: 7th March

Duration: 1 day

CI Workshop - Tools & Workflows

Following on from the success of ITDev’s first Continuous Integration workshop, “Challenges and Solutions” in April 2018, we ran a second workshop on CI tools and Workflows.
The event was held on 7th March at The Axis Centre at Southampton Science Park.

CI Example Workflow

Workshop Content

Registration opened: 09:30 with the workshop commencing at 10:00
Sessions included: (Presentations are hyperlinked from titles)

Workshop finished: 16:30

Benefits of Attending

Some snippets of feedback from attendees:

  • It was a good workshop to learn and know more about CI and cloud CI.
  • Great day for hearing from others, what people are/aren't doing.
  • The breakouts and feedback were very useful + informative.
  • This is my second time (attending) and once again I learned a few things that I can possibly apply to our system at work.
  • It was quite productive and I will invite more colleagues next time.

ITDev's Event Programme and Further Information

For more information on all events in this series, including videos, see here.

If you would like to discuss your CI requirements or have any other software or design queries, call us on +44(0)23 8098 8890 or email us.

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